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Moses in Islam

When Musa (Moses) approached the burning bush, he was called by name “Verily! I
am your Lord! So take off your shoes, you are in the sacred valley, Tuwa, and I have
chosen you. So listen to that which is inspired to you. I am Allah (God)! None has the
right to be worshipped but Me, so worship Me, and perform prayers for My

Allah said “What is that in your right hand, Musa?” He said: “This is my stick that I lean
upon, and with it I beat down branches for my sheep, and with it I find other uses.”
Allah said: “Cast it down, Musa!” He cast it down, and behold! It was a snake,
moving quickly. Allah said: “Grasp it, and fear not, We shall return it to its former
state, And press your (right) hand to your (left) side, it will come forth white, without
any disease as another sign, that We may show you of Our Greater Signs. Go to
Pharaoh! Certainly, he has transgressed”.

Musa said: “O my Lord! Open for me my chest (grant me self-confidence, boldness),
ease my task for me; and make loose the knot in my tongue, (i.e. remove my
speech impediment) so that they understand my speech. Appoint for me a helper
from my family, Haroon (Aaron), my brother. Increase my strength with him, and let
him share my task (of delivering God’s Message and Prophethood), so that we may
glorify You, and remember You often. Truly You are a Well-Seer of us.” Allah said:
“You are granted your request, Musa” (Quran chapter 20, verses 9-36)

The Quran recounts more of his life than any other Prophet. The Quran tells us of how
he went to Pharaoh to present the message of Tawheed (oneness of God) Pharaoh
said: “If you choose a god other than me, I will certainly put you among the
prisoners.” Musa said: “Even if I bring you something manifest and convincing.”
Pharaoh said: “Bring it forth then, if you are of the truthful!” (Quran chapter, 26 verse

We also learn how Musa brought the Children of Israel out of Egypt, admonished the
Israelites for making a golden calf to worship instead of worshipping God, and
brought them to the land of Canaan and many other stories. Musa is a Prophet and
Messenger of Allah, and to him was revealed the Torah. He spoke with Allah, so as to
guide the Israelites. Musa was a real person who lived and was sent a Message from
Allah. The mission of Moses was a struggle against oppression and tyranny, and
Muslims take lessons from this, particularly now when oppression is great in the world.