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Got (burning) questions or just curious……………..
………………………….then come along and ask!
“I’ll even tell you what shampoo I use on my beard!”
Asalamu AlayKum!- Peace be upon you
Welcome to
Exhibition Islam- Stoke on Trent
Thursday March 14th  to Sunday March 17th.
Every day from 10am - 6pm

You’re Invited!

Welcome to ExhibitionIslam- Stoke

We hope this new exhibition will make people look at Islam with fresh eyes, and gain some real insight to Islam, its Culture andFarak Beliefs and practices. Through interaction, fantastic Displays and artifacts, multimedia and workshops – we aim to leave our visitors wanting to know more…about Islam as a way of life- to over 1.6 billion people around the world!
We believe communities really need to get to know and understand each other’s cultures, beliefs and practices (that does not mean we have to agree on everything!). It raises awareness, break down prejudices, ignorance and propaganda that leads to suspicion. We hope to engage everyone at the exhibition, build new bridges as well as strengthen existing ones!
As Muslims, it's our role and duty to bring the real meaning of Islam as a way of life to our families, friends, neighbours, community and the world, in both our words and deed.
ExhibitionIslam-Stoke is a united efforts by like minded individual Muslims from different communities from across Stoke on Trent, who want to join efforts and build on some of the existing good work of others. This is a sincere effort to reach out to the wider non-Muslim (religious or not!) communities and individuals from across Stoke on Trent especially those who previously may have had little (or even negative) experiences and interaction with Muslims.
SO…. This is a sincere invitation to all the people  of Stoke on Trent (and beyond)to come along explore and discover Islam for yourself, ask the questions you really  want to ask  and have some REAL interaction with the Muslim community of Stoke on Trent.
The exhibition is generously funded by individual Donations from the local community.
ExhibitonIslam- Stoke opens its doors Thursday March 14th – Sun March 17th. Every day from 10-6pm
For more information on ExhibitionIslam and Future events, call Bookings on 07826 818566.
Come along and have a great day.
Did you know…
  • The first modern hospital was built in Baghdad over a thousand years ago?
  • The first modern hospital was built in Baghdad over a thousand years ago?
  • Persian scholars developed the foundations for modern algebra and algorithms?
  • We get the word "camera" from the Arab word "qamara"?
  • Inoculation was written about in 8th century India, long before it gained popularity in Europe?
  • In the 10th century, a Persian surgeon invented many of the surgical tools we still use today?
  • An engineer from Mesopotamia developed the camshaft along with other commonly used machines?
  • By the year 644, Persians were using windmills to manage their water supply?
  • A man in Cordoba took flight over a millennium before the Wright brothers were born?
  • A 10th century Persian surgeon used catgut for internal stitches?
  • A 13th century Arab doctor described the circulatory system 300 years before William Harvey